Located in the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) marine park this service was born out of the necessity for quality organic and natural products available on the islands.

Situated just 2 minutes walk from Russell Island jetty, we offer a large range of natural and certified organic groceries including dry goods, fridge and freezer products, skincare, vitamins, books and gifts.

We opened in August 2013 with a vision of bring quality natural products and holistic services to the islands. Since then My Health Aisle has been expanded and now includes a serviced clinic where both complementary and allied practitioners can provide much needed services to the islanders.

As part of the Chronic Disease Management Plan, our allied practitioners work closely with your doctors to ensure the safest and most effective treatments are provided right here on the island.

My Health Aisle is more than just a health food store, we are on hand 6 days a week to offer free naturopathic advice and support to assist you in living, eating and being well.

At the beginning of 2016, we opened up the front of the shop to provide a range of clothing suitable for our unique island lifestyle.

Also in 2016 we opened our cafe, Tea Totallers, where we specialise in serving specialist teas, coffees, chocolate and chai including alternative milk and sugar options.

From the beginning we have always supported local artists under the banner ‘locals supporting locals’ and currently sell locally made/sourced products on behalf of small island businesses including crystals, jewellery, dream catchers, wheat bags and dog coats.

​We embrace a holistic approach to wellness which integrates diet, lifestyle, emotions and education to help you have the life you deserve.


In 2017, building on the success of our Russell Island store, we opened the Macleay Island health food store and wellness clinic bringing additional services to the islands.

Embraced by the Macleay Islanders and with a much larger store we increased our lines and were able to add a community table’ to the mix.  The community table is a large table that sits at the shady end of the shopping centre and is FREE of charge to all groups who wish to host an activity.

We continue to work closely with the medical professions on the islands and are always working to increase the services provided to the community.