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Counselling at the Centre For Women & Co. occurs within a safe, non-judgemental, therapeutic space. Our counsellors are committed to walking alongside you in a respectful, non-blaming way which centres you as the expert in your own life. As qualified counsellors we acknowledge the many possible directions that you can take towards finding, uncovering or the rediscovering of your own solutions.

Our approach supports women to locate and identify instances of strength, hope and resilience despite the challenges in their lives. Our counselling conversations are intentional and aimed at supporting you to live out a more satisfying and resourceful life of meaning, steering you towards your preferred future and the embracing of choice and possibility.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process that enables a person to calmly address their problems and issues in a supportive and non-judgemental environment so that a greater understanding can be achieved.
This can assist a person to make positive changes, develop strategies, or it may help someone accept a difficult situation and become more resilient.

Counselling is often sought at times of change or crisis. It involves talking with a professionally trained person who can support you to work towards finding a solution or help create conditions that will assist you to better understand or improve your circumstances.

Appointments are usually one hour in length and are made on a regular basis, weekly or fortnightly. The counsellor will work supportively with you to assist in identifying and addressing
your issues. Counsellors at Beenleigh, Logan Central and Redlands are qualified professionals and are able to work with individuals and young people.

Some reasons for attending counselling may include a life crisis, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, domestic and family violence, depression, anxiety and carer stress.

Your first session will help you to decide whether this counsellor is the right one for you. Questions to ask yourself include:
• Do I feel comfortable?
• Am I able to talk freely about deeply personal thoughts and emotions?
• Is the counsellor paying attention to me?
• Do I feel they understand and respect me? (However, do bear in mind that it can take more than one session to feel sufficient ease and trust with your counsellor to disclose and discuss some intensely personal and distressing issues).